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Edgerton Cadets meet twice a month usually the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, at Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Edgeton MN. Cadet meetings start at 6:30pm, and run until 8:30pm.
All Cadets are expected to live up to the code. {LIVING FOR JESUS}
Only Christ-like behavior is acceptable. This means respecting other people's property, respecting the Church building, respecting other Cadets and counselors. That way, Cadets can be a fun experience for everyone.
Cadets must wear their shirts at all Cadet functions except campouts. Scarves need to be worn for Cadet Sunday, Snow Derby, and Cadet-o-rama. To be a member of the club, cadets need to be at 3/4 of the meetings.  If you have questions about the Cadet program, please contact Head Counselor Cal Spronk at 507-227-4726.

Cadets are encouraged to work on merit badges at home. Parents can then sign that work is completed.

are geared to be used at meetings. Don't expect homework.

Dues are $20 for new members. This includes the RPB guide book and a Quest Magazine subscription. Returning member dues are $15.

We buy and sell used shirts for $5 and sell new shirts for $15. Contact Cal Spronk (507-227-4726) if you want to buy, sell or trade shirts.