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Worship Style & Expectations

Bethel Church is full of regular people just like you.  At Bethel, you'll see all generations.  Whether you are young, old or someplace in between, it is our intention that you will find this a place where you will be welcomed.  We believe all people are invited by God to come to worship so we work hard to make everyone feel welcome at Bethel.

In response to God's amazing love and grace we have two worship services each Sunday at 9:30am and 6:30pm that give us the opportunity to begin and end our Lord's Day giving God praise, deepening our walk with Him and also encouraging one another on our faith journeys.  We have a "blended" style of worship, meaning we include both traditional and contemporary elements in our services.

The Music:

Music is a very important element of our worship.  We love to sing, and we use various styles - from traditional hymns to praise songs.  Our singing in the morning service is often led by a praise team.

The Teaching:

Our worship includes Bible-based teaching from pastors that help us understand God's incredible love and how God wants us to respond with faith and love in our daily lives.

What To Wear:

We're more interested that you are worshiping with us than what you wear.  You will see all styles of dress.  Some people like to dress up, others prefer more casual attire.  You will see everything from dresses and suits to jeans, shorts and flip-flops.  As long as it is respectful and doesn't distract others from worship, wear what makes you comfortable.