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Refreshments Server Schedule

The following is a schedule to serve refreshments after the morning service.  Any adult or teen from the "helper" family (who does not have Sunday School Class) can help with the serving.  Husbands are very welcome to help! :)  If you cannot be there, please switch with someone on the list.  We ask that you come to the kitchen before church is out so that you are can serve everyone.  Thank you for helping!

Date          Helpers                                       Enfolding Member
3/27/2022  Pam Ossefoort
                Darci Pap                                     Karen Walhof
                Lisa Pfeifle   
4/3/2022   Lorna Post
               Dionne Prins                                 Chris & Michelle Moosey
               Tricia Prins   
4/10/2022 Coleen Punt
               Theresa Raak                                Gene & LouAnn Kuipers
               Heidi Remme  
4/17/2022 Heather Rieck
               Chanda Rozeboom                        Kendra Kuipers
               Melissa Rylaarsdam  
4/24/2022 Audrey Schuld
               Roxi Smidt                                   Steve & Lisa Vander Maten
               Haylee Spronk  
5/1/2022  Linda Spronk
               LuAnn Spronk                              Jill Talsma
               MaryAnn Spronk  
5/8/2022  Barb Spronk
              DaVonn Tinklenberg                       Trevor & Abbie Fey
              Jackie Tinklenberg  
5/15/2022 Tricia Tinklenberg
               Marlene Top
               Linda Vanderaa  
5/22/2022 Shirley Vanderby
               Ronica Vanderby                           Karen Walhof
               Kathy Vander Lugt  
5/29/2022 Gladi Vander Pol
               Mina Vander Pol                           Chris & Michelle Moosey
               Judi Vander Top  
6/5/2022  Alanna Vander Top
              Paula Van Dam                              Gene & LouAnn Kuipers
               Beth Van Dyke  
6/12/2022 Darci Van Dyke
               Lois Van Dyke                               Kendra Kuipers
               Michelle Van Essen  
6/19/2022 Fay Van Essen
               Kimber Van Essen                         Steve & Lisa Vander Maten
               Maddie Van Essen  
6/26/2022  Julie Vander Pol
                Jackie Van Nieuwenhuyzen            Jill Talsma
                Becca Van Schepen  
7/3/2022   Karen Van Schepen
               Renae Van Stelten                         Trevor & Abbie Fey
                Lin Van't Hof  
7/10/2022 Tricia Veldkamp
               Rose Kroll
               Amber Vos