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Children's Sermon Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: reference materials are in a box on top of the cabinets behind the desk in the church library. Be sure to mark them so we do not overlap in what we teach. Teach whatever you feel comfortable with. Be sure to take care of making your own switches if you are unable to take the Sunday you were assigned. Let Janet know if you make a switch.


1/27/2019  Rose Kroll
2/3/2019  Hannah Nerem
2/10/2019  Harlan Spronk
2/17/2019  Roger Post
2/24/2019  Denise Nerem
3/3/2019  Cal Spronk
3/10/2019  Bonnie De Boer
3/17/2019  Leland Vanderaa
3/24/2019  Amber Vos
3/31/2019  Wendy Krosschell.
4/7/2019  Todd Jasper
4/14/2019  Lois Van Dyke
4/21/2019  Mike Vander Pol