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Edgerton Cadets meet twice a month usually the second and fouth Wednesday of the month, at Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Edgeton MN. Cadets start at 7:00 pm, and run till 9:00.
All Cadets are expected to live up to the code. {LIVING FOR JESUS}
Only Christ-like behavior is acceptable. This means respecting other people's property, respecting the Chruch building, respecting other Cadets and counselors. That way Cadets can be a fun experience for everyone.
Cadets must wear their shrits at all Cadets functions except campouts. Scarves need to be worn for Cadet Sunday, Snow Derby, and Cadet-o-rama. To be a member of the club, cadets need to be at 3/4 of the meetings.

Cadets are encouraged to work on mert bages at home. Parents can then sign that work is completed.

are geared to be used at the meeting. Don't expect homework.

Are $20 for new members. This in cludes the RPB guide book and a Quest Magazine subscription. Returning member dues are $15.
We buy and sell used shirts for $5 and sell new shirts for $15. Contact Cal Spronk at (442-7604) if you want to buy, sell or trade shirts.